Liquor at a Cafe?

On a recent trip to Vancouver, Canada, I walked into a place called the “Wired Monk”. It’s a cafe basically designed for University students.
It’s rather cleverly named after the very first group of people to discover the stimulating effects of caffeine: monks.

The story of the monks is fascinating, but we’ll leave it for another time. But what surprised me is that they offered almost every kind of beverage with the option of adding alcohol into it!

You could also order wine, which I ended up doing (it was 7pm in the evening, thank you very much!) and had a great time reading a book.

Should cafes offer more alcoholic beverages?

I realize that baristas aren’t exactly adept at throwing out drunken patrons, but if there were a strict limit on how much you could consume (no free refills!) I could see it being easily manageable. It enhances the experience, and also gives people a reason to visit cafes in the evening (a notoriously slow time for coffee shops).

Normally I sit back and enjoy my wine at home (using these promo codes to keep costs down). It saves me from having to go out, and keeps me entertained every time a new package arrives in the mail. “It’s wine o’clock!” I’ll yell to myself, or a fortunate parcel delivery person within earshot.

But I did like being able to go out in the evening, go for a stroll, and then sip on an irish coffee. I brought a book to read, which was at first great, but later frustrating.

Let me explain: once you start drinking, your focus and concentration starts to fade. You might be engrossed in a book, but suddenly your mind will wander. That’s what happened to me. I kept on trying to concentrate on the book, but I just couldn’t.

Also, the Wired Monk has a very dark lighting scheme. You may think this is weird, since it’s a cafe for university students. Don’t they need light to do their studying? I looked around and found that most people there were, in fact, studying. But the lighting was not much brighter than candlelight. Are they all secretly hoping to strain their eyes so they can get hipster glasses?