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Two years ago I took a month long trip to the UK, and I was surprised at how different the coffee was there. I had assumed it would be very similar to our coffee at home in the US for the most part we have drip coffee out of a machine that is served with cream and sugar. The UK seemed to have a distinctly European influence on their coffee, with most of drinks being espresso based and having the milk added by the barista. By the way if you order and Americano (watered down espresso, closest thing you’ll get to drip coffee most places) and ask for cream you will get confused looks and then milk. I really missed cream while I was there, and ended up switching to drinking lattes as it was the closest thing I could get to what I drink at home. Turns out I really liked them, and then I started to try other coffee drinks to see what else I might have been missing out on!

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The best way to try out a different regions coffee drinks is to go there! Starbucks in north America advertise that they have a ‘latte’, but they don’t actually have the right equipment to make one so what you get isn’t quite correct. If you’ve only ever had a Starbucks latte and thought ‘yuck’ I really encourage you try a real one. They are actually quite sweet, even without any added sugar or sweetener! Anyways, back to the travel. I found some great deals with Travelocity at It’s not just flights, you can save on hotels, car rentals, airport parking, and more!

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Different Kinds of Coffee Drinks

Coffea is a genus of plant that is native to the tropical regions of Africa and Asia but can also be found all over South America. Some species of this genus are plants that grow seeds that most people know as coffee beans.

To get a coffee bean, the seeds need to undergo a series of long and carefully monitored processes, not to mention having to be handpicked one seed at a time. Once the beans are ready though, they are used to create some of the most popular products in our society, not to mention most every other society around the world.

The taste of coffee has evolved into so many other variations, that choosing which drink to get for yourself can sometimes be an overwhelming task. But coffee shops are already helping consumers choose easily by just leading them to their list of available coffee drinks.

Different categories of coffee can help you separate one from the other. There’s Regular Coffee, Instant Coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Americano, and Frappe.

Filtered Coffee

Only needs hot water and coffee grounds. Hot water is strained through the grounds and a filter. Filtered coffee can also drank black or white. Black coffee has no other additions to it, while white coffee can be mixed with some cream or milk. Adding sugar on either variation will also depend on your personal preference.

Espresso (originated in Italy)

The Espresso coffee uses nothing but fine coffee grounds of different coffee blends. This drink also has distinct flavors to it and can range from dark, medium, to decaffeinated. It is the basis for many other coffee drinks and these are very popular in Europe.


This coffee drink contains a shot of espresso and is typically covered with foamed milk on top (this helps contain the heat of the coffee), and some sprinkled powder from cinnamon or chocolate.

Latte (Milk in Italian)

An Espresso type that’s typically made with milk that has been steamed (also has foamed milk on top of it). So if you want to fizz down the strength of the coffee taste, add some milk. But if you want it the other way around, just add two shots Espresso to your Latte.

Mocha (originated in Yemen)

Made out of Mocha beans which are originally from Yemen. It can also be compared to a Cappuccino or Latte drink but is something of a sweeter version. It’s usually added to some hot chocolate powder or syrup as it complements the flavour of the bean well.

Americano (uses less roasted coffee beans)

When ordering an Americano, expect that with a single shot of Espresso, you’ll be having a drink that has more hot water to it (the essence of the coffee is made less concentrated by using more water).


This is only the chilled version of an Espresso drink. It’s usually mixed with instant coffee, sugar, some crushed ice, cream, and water.

Instant Coffee

Usually a last resort as it’s flavour tends to be lacking, but it can be found anywhere that has a grocery store. Uses powdered or grainy coffee. This is a fitting drink for those who like to make their cup of coffee quick and easy to make (no more brewing time to allot). You’ll have to blend the powder and some hot water and have this drink instantly.